Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Ending?

It's been a while to be sure - I don't know why but I've started to lose myself and I think I have diminished.

I'm in a relationship and it's fine. But is fine enough? And when does "we" end and I begin?

Any thoughts?

Suze x

Monday, February 18, 2008

The jinx

You know sometimes you're desperate to share??

Every time I meet someone where I think there is a chance i've found a match i'm desperate to tell people about it - especially here.

But each time it's not to be. I'm starting to fear it's a jinx.

So as an experiment...

Watch this space!

Suze x

Monday, October 29, 2007


As aformentioned one of the things that hasn't changed over the last year is my state of singledom- something I hadn't really thought of as an issue for me until my new workmate pointed out that there is something amiss with my attitude... to me.

One of the things I neglected to refer to in my previous post was the appearance of a dashing young legal eagle at the party. I've known of Colin Darcy for some time through friends but never really taken note.

However on Saturday it was like seeing him anew. He was cute, funny and an amusing enough dancer to catch my eye.

We chatted and danced and spent the evening having a really good time.

But for some reason l didn't think he'd be interested so I left without a kiss or a number that night.

Richard, my new work colleague - who is also my new partner in crime due to a shared adoration of Blackadder and apple pie - was driving us to work courtesy of our car-sharing deal and setting the world to rights this morning when he remembered to ask about my halloween party experience (the previous morning had been spent discussing the horrific failure of his own relationship).

I explained to him what had happened and he looked at me and laughed.

''Oh Suze, you make me laugh," he said chuckling.

''I'm not being funny but you know you are beautiful right? You're a lovely, brilliant girl - why do you think he wouldn't want you?"

I shrugged and replied: ''Well it's too late now - the party's over. "

"Don't be daft Suze." he said sagely.

''Just call your friends and ask them to pass your number on - it's not rocket science. This guy actually sounds like he's not the usual brickie you seem to go for and l think he's more you. Go on take a punt. You're worth it."

And with those words I realised how over many months of singledom I had managed somehow to depreciate my own value in the dating world.

I'd failed to see it and predictably it took a man to use his blunt talent to point it out.

So I've taken the punt -I'll let you know if I win.

Suze x

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Return... One year on

To be in the position of now, looking back over a year is bizarre.

I'm most of the way into a brand new career - probably the wildest career anyone have predicted for me - and have new friends, new distractions and a new attitude to life

I'm still single but not overly concerned - l still get the dates..

Portia remains a confident mum to Bob but has been tarnished by life and has retreated back into her shell and avoids any social life despite my best efforts.

Simon on the other hand has become increasingly social - having split from his girlfriend. But, being Simon, he was not alone for long

When Grace fell into his life, not long after the split, Simon was a mess - more lost than I had ever seen him before. I'd heard he had moved on but I'd started my new job and didn't really know anything about it - until yesterday.

I was at a halloween party with my friend Lou, dressed in an appropriately ghoulish fashion, and he was there with Grace. Both drunk and both drunk on each other. Totally and utterly falling down in love with each other. I spotted it and smiled and wondered if even they knew.

Vampire Simon came over and talked later in the evening.

''That's my girlfriend Grace," he said, slurring ever so slightly

I smiled at him and replied: "She's the one isn't she Simon?"

He smiled back: "I think you might be right Suze"

Then Grace, in the form of a ghostly bride, came over, smiled and kissed Simon - before they both smiled at me and danced off among the ghouls, ghosts and monsters.

Had Simon's split happened a year ago I might have hoped to be in there myself - but it's been a funny old year- and I've learnt a lot. First and foremost I now know - it's not enough to want something - you have to be wanted too.

Suze x

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Philandering man (and why every woman should have one as a friend)

EVER since I managed to get over my slight infatuation I’ve really got to know a lot more about Simon: The Man.

The first things is realising that, by his own anecdotal evidence, is that Simon is a bit of a tart who works his way through women a bit like most men get through socks.

He really falls into the male stereotype – those that can, do – and exploits his charm and humour to tame women into his arms. And he carries a philosophy that a long as he doesnt get caught out – by his girlfriend – that no harm means no foul.

Another, which probably explains the first point, is that Simon is a man who truly loves women. By no means do I suggest that Simon is a man who falls in love easily– I think such a thing is akin to a blue moon – but a man who appreciates women in the same way that others might savour fine wine or a Cuban cigar.

A good example of this is the story Simon told us in the pub on a Friday after work. And is best told in the words of Simon (in response to the question“flippin’ heck Simon why is your hair so short?) which were:

“Well I went into the hairdressers and there was his big (suggestive hand movements, fag in hand, around his chest area) Sicilian woman, and every time she did the top and front of my hair she kept pushing up against me.”

At his point Simon mimes his head being pushed forward by giant maternal mammaries, peeking up with the cheekiest of cheeky smiles.

“Anyway,” he said again miming the lolling head, again with the grin beneath. “When she asked me if it was short enough all I could say was ‘shorter please’.”

And he finished with a knowing chuckle.

From any other man this might seem pervy. But everyone around the table knows about the nature of Simon, his one-sidedly open relationship and his honest but cheeky Carry On Camping attitude to the world so it’s ok – we all laugh. On him it’s acceptable.

The third thing you should know is that Simon knows how to compliment a woman – in a way that can really make a woman feel a million dollars.

He always pulls off a compliment with Pearl, the boss’s secretary a wife of 25 years more used to being ignored by men - managing to pick out the thing she has clearly taken the most time and effort over and making her giggle like a teenager when he mentions it.

Even with me, girl who worries about the size of her larger than hoped butt, he manages to make me feel hot - by raising his eyebrows and grinning in his saucy but cheeky way when he sees me on my way to riding in my jodhpurs.

It makes me smile – not because I want him, I don’t any more–but more because I’ve been appreciated by a connoisseur.

The philandering man.

Too dangerously non-committal to take as a lover – but this animal can be a great friend who will always make you feel good.
You’re safe as long as you remember not to cross the line…

Suze x

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kirsty Gallacher's fit sister

SOMETIMES I wonder what makes people come to my blog.

Fortunately for those who arrive here by way of Google I have the advantage that my blog counter picks up what led them here.

And they fall, primarily, into three sections: Pervy straight boys looking for something that they really won't find on my blog (ladys sixpack, skinny wrists turn off, kirsty gallagher fit sister(for note boys it's Gallacher and I believe her sister is called Joanne) and skimpy tees plus suze - but not womble porn!)

Randoms who are looking for something specific and/or a bit technical (simon suze,..remaining hair and pull it back into a high ponytail, instant adoring boyfriend(although I brought that on myself...), inkblot funny answers(my fault also) and salon utility belt.

And finally the ones which give me hope that by writing I'm managing to be part of a new movement of romantically cynical optimism, for men and women, which may start to sweep the world:

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And finally thanks to the person who put in -Romantically cynical

If you're one of these people who have come here because you're looking for more and have hope -whether male or female, straight or gay or bi, old or young, married or single - please leave a comment and share with me what brought you here - I'll find out from blog counter anyway - but I'd rather hear it from you,

Much love

Suze x

Ps Pervy boys i hope the above pic suffices - even if it isn't Kirsty Gallacher's fit sister...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Drag queens - the best of women and men?

I love the fact that I live in a world where drag queens exist.

They are completely unlinke any other group of people on the planet, that combines some of the most exaggerated elements of each side of the gender chasm - which they straddle, gracefully, in ridiculously high heels.

I have to say that I encounter them less frequently than I would like because, despite their generally extrovert nature, they remain a closetted part of society which only seems to uncloak itself at certain times and in certain places and rarely in my poor grey midlands town.

I also delight in challenging people's prejudices, which is why when my friend Sam and I hit the town in London one weekend, I almost shrieked with joy when the bouncer outside a hidden away bar/club said: "You do realise ladies that it's tranny night don't you?"

Sam is a funny (peculiar not ha ha) girl - she complains constantly if you let her and smiles even when she's miserable in perfect make-up - a perfect tranny fan in the making you would have thought, but no.

Which really is why I took so much pleasure, as I saw her nose wrinkle in disdain, in dragging her in.

And I'm glad I did because, after getting over the initial horror of sharing the toilets with men and mid-transsexuals, Sam loved it (even though later she would tell her mother in a sneering fashion "well it was an experience...").

I on the other hand chatted with all the girls - fascinated with their make-up tricks, accessories and custom-made shoes.

One of the more stunning ones, with a blonde bob and the most amazing breasts ever seen on a man, turned to me and gave me some advice I'll never forget.

"Why do you wear jeans honey? Because your legs are too big? Dear they'll never look any smaller in those horrendous jeans..."

Anywho as I chatted I started to wonder about the nature of drag queens, cross dressers and transsexuals. Are these colourful birds, with their exotoic plumage, the pinnacle of humanity?

With their (largely) fabulous dress sense, their entirely male lack of self-concious self deprication, and their female gentleness - are these members of a third sex the ideal mix of the best of everything?

I mean they carry themselves with no hang-ups, no need for explanation and have an eye for detail which makes them aesthetically perfect.They are perfection in every sense surely?

But then I wondered- if they have no hang-ups - why do we not see all these incandescent creatures in the day?

As I reapplied my lipstick in the toilets and grumbled at the effect in the mirror I realised that a tranny was doing the exact same thing right by me. There was also another drag queen crying in a toilet cubicle and another next to the dryer talking to her lesbian friend about how awful "Duchess" looked in her new plunge dress.

That was when the feeling of slight disappointment curled into my stomach.

Despite all appearances drag queens et al are only human - with the same frailties, viciousness and flaws - they just look better, gosh darnit.

Suze x